The Modding Clan Organization (MCO)


Welcome to the Modding Clan Organization website! We are a clan in SWBF2. This clan is a modding clan that has ranks and positions that all have to do with modding. If you would like to join, post it in the GuestBook, or send Janarus or Xeon a PM. If you are not a modder, but would like to learn how to make maps, you can either join and learn how, or go to the "Making you First Map" forum. Also, please ignore the advertisements that pop up in different places. Do not click them for any reason. In exchange for having a free website, we have to share it with advertisements, I'm sorry.  

Maps or Mods

If you have any maps or mods that you are finished with or would like to have on this website, please send Janarus or Xeon a PM, or post it in the GuestBook. We would like to have all the maps you can give us!